MONDAY 19th JUNE 2017

Name Post
C Harding Chairman
M Farrelly Vice Chairman
J Harding Club Secretary
R Cairns Captain
S Bounds Treasurer
L Bounds Membership Secretary
D Melville Match Secretary
T Pardo Owner´s Representative/Interpreter

1. Apologies
Apologies were received from J Gatward, Vice Captain and S Roberts, Press Officer.

2. Minutes of the last Committee Meeting
The minutes were agreed and signed as a true record.

3. Outstanding Actions
The Treasurer advised the Committee that she still has not received the certificate for CPR Training for Denise Ashberry, but is chasing it up.
The Chairman then asked the Owner´s Representative for an update on the following items, which had been raised with the Owner at our recent meeting.
What progress has been made on repairing the roof above the toilets and office? The Owner´s Representative said the work will be done and he will raise the matter with the Owner.
The Chairman then requested an update on the repairs to the ladies toilet. It was confirmed that the Owner had called a plumber in to try and repair the toilet, but at this time, the matter has not been resolved.
The Chairman asked if the Owner had looked at our proposal to rent the rink. The answer to this was yes, but it was not acceptable to him. The Owner´s Representative was then asked what proposal may be acceptable, to which he replied that he would speak with the Owner once again.

4. Chairman´s Report
The Chairman confirmed the outcome of the recent meeting he had with Zafiro Tours travel agent along with Angela White, at which it was agreed that a discount for Club members would be available for any holidays, travel etc., that was booked with the Company. All members would have to do was show their membership card. A notice informing members of this has been posted on the noticeboard.
The Chairman said that while at La Posada on the recent club tour, he was made aware of a cat deterrent, which they claimed was very effective. The Committee agreed that the Chairman should consult with Alan Ashberry and go ahead and purchase the equipment.
The Chairman had previously circulated at the start of the meeting, a letter received from a member who had not advised the organisers of the recent President´s Cup Competition that he didn´t have a team.
After a lengthy discussion the Committee agreed that he should write to the member concerned with the advice that the best way to resolve this matter was for him to write to the organisers offering his apologies for any disruption to the competition this may have caused.

5. Club Secretary´s Report
LLB Minutes posted on the noticeboard
LLB Contact lists forwarded to the Membership Secretary
The Chairman whilst at La Posada had a discussion with one of their members regarding our defibrillator. From this the Club Secretary contacted the company that carries out the CPR training and supplies defibrillators and requested they make email contact with La Posada Club. This has been done.
An email had been received from the LLB requesting venues for the Valencian Championships. After some discussion the Committee unanimously agreed not to put Monte Mar forward as a venue.
Greenlands Bowls Club, through June Jones had put out a request for any Club that could help with information regarding replacement parts or repairs to the carpet sweeper. As we had the same problem recently I approached Howie Williams and he agreed to speak with Dave Giddings at Greenlands. The outcome being that Dave and Howie are off to order the parts tomorrow. Once again, Howie has helped a great deal.

6. Captain´s Report
The Club Captain reported on the recent club tour which encompassed matches at La Posada, Saydo and Indalo Bowls Clubs. He said the tour had been a great success and at both La Posada and Saydo, we played matches in the morning and afternoon on all three days. It is hoped that La Posada would visit Monte Mar in the near future.
At Indalo, whilst we had an enjoyable time, unfortunately this year we lost the Challenge Cup.
The Captain then said he wanted to place on record his thanks to everyone involved, who helped to make the venture a success.
The Captain then reported on the three day La Siesta Trips Competition, with two teams reaching the semi final. Unfortunately, the team of June Young, Dave Melville and Ronnie Cairns lost to another Monte Mar team, comprising Jean Chamberlain, Rod Chamberlain and Bill Young, who then went on to win a well contested final. This is the second year running that a team from Monte Mar has won this competition.
He went on to add that Club teams in the recent Bonalba One Day Mixed Trips had performed well. The team of Howie Williams, Val Hignett and Joan Harding came fourth, just missing out of the prize money.
He then said he would like to thank the Social Sub Committee for all their hard work and a big thank you for a fabulous day at the La Cova Restaurant in El Campello.
The Captain then reported that at a recent LLB Meeting, a letter from one of our members, along with a letter from San Miguel were read out, complaining about how the Champion of Champions was organised and the Mixed Rinks in particular. Following these complaints, the Champion of Champions organiser resigned. Susie Cooper has now taken over the role.
He then advised the Committee that both Finca Guila and El Cid will not be entering the Winter League later this year.
He also confirmed the Provincial game against La Marina has been cancelled. This is the second time in a matter of months, because La Marina have been unable to field a team.

7. Treasurer´s Report
The Treasurer reported that we have made a small loss for the month of May, which was to be expected at this time of year.
She also reported that all the noticeboards have been repaired and a good job has been made at a cost of 120 euros.

8. Membership Secretary´s Report
The Membership Secretary advised the Committee that two of the latest social members who have joined the Club are now taking bowling tuition as they are now interested in bowling.
The Membership and the Match Secretary reported that the new membership cards have been received and they have the Sulvam Clinic advertisement on the back. The full cost of printing was paid by the Clinic.
The Captain asked the Membership Secretary what had been discussed at the meeting following the last LLB Meeting. The Membership Secretary replied that it was about keeping the LLB informed of membership changes within the Club, including any members who had left and returned to the U.K.
It was also agreed that the Captain would raise with the LLB President, Bob Donnelly clarification of the status of bowling club members, who are not 12 month members as to whether they are entitled to play in competitions when they are not bowling members of their Club.

9. Match Secretary´s Report
The Match Secretary advised the Committee that in addition to the three touring teams in October, we have two further teams visiting on 25th and 28th April 2018, Moonfleet B.C. from Weymouth and Parade B.C. from Eastbourne.
He confirmed that Club games for the next Winter Season were planned and on the draft calendar but still to be confirmed.
The Match Secretary advised the Committee that copies of the application forms and rules for play by dates have been sent to the Competition Secretary.
As far as the GA Mixed Rinks in September is concerned, we currently have 23 of the 28 required entries and the entry list will close at the end of August. The Club Secretary then advised that the cake stall would be held on the first day of competition ie. 12th September.
The Match Secretary advised the Committee that the Salvum presentation would be made after the Valencia trip at the end of September.
He advised that the work for the handbook is well underway, with some advertisements already received.
The Match Secretary confirmed the new entries to the Honours Board are ready for collection, but the Trophies still need to be sorted.
The Vice Chairman confirmed that there are adequate supplies of bowls stickers and no further order needs to be made.

10. Social Sub Committee Report
The Treasurer asked the Owner´s Representative if the dinner/dance scheduled for 31st October could be held in the Rincon and also the Christmas dinner/dance on 5th December.
The Social Sub Committee were asked if they would consider having a Halloween theme for the October dinner/dance.
The Treasurer and Secretary reported that the trip to La Cova had been an overwhelming success.
The Owner´s Representative was then asked if he could notify the Committee when the Restaurant etc. would be closed over the Christmas period.
The Match Secretary suggested that we hold the Fun Day on 6th January next year, this was agreed by the Committee.
The Committee asked that thanks be passed on to the other members of the Social Sub Committee for all of their hard work.

11. Press Officer´s Report
In the absence of the Press Officer, the Chairman reported that all match reports were going in on time and the GA Advertiser have been requested to leave their magazine in the Rincon. This is now being done.

12. Any Other Business
The Captain raised his concern that a member, when querying with Allen Bowen why they had not been selected for the Provincial team, had received abusive language about herself and the Club.
After a lengthy discussion, the Committee decided that the Chairman should write to Allen Bowen seeking an apology to both our member and the Club regarding his use of abusive language.
The Chairman raised his concerns with the Owner´s Representative that now the Tavern was closed, on match days there is a lack of seating and space, which would only get more difficult during the winter period. Could the Owner therefore be asked to open the Tavern on match days to provide more seating.
The Owner´s Representative confirmed that he would raise the matter with the Owner. He also asked the Committee to confirm that he had a note of all the points that the Committee wanted raised with the Owner. This was confirmed.
The Vice Chairman confirmed that he had purchased and donated two sets of bowls and bag to the Club, which was appreciated by the Committee.
It was also agreed to place Tony and Ethel´s bowls with the other spare bowls, so that they would be available for hire or purchase.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 11.40am

The next meeting will be held on Friday1st September at 10.00am