Name Post
C Harding Chairman
M Farrelly Vice Chairman
J Harding Club Secretary
R Cairns Club Captain
J Gatward Vice Captain/Competition Secretary
S Bounds Treasurer
L Bounds Membership Secretary
D Melville Match Secretary
T Pardo Owners Representative/Interpreter

1. Apologies
Apologies received from S Roberts.

2. Minutes of the last Committee Meeting

3. Outstanding Actions
The Captain advised the Committee that the new signs for the scoreboard in respect of Bonalba were in hand and will be completed shortly.

4. Chairman’s Report
The Chairman expressed his disappointment to the Committee that we have received no response from the LLB to our letter of appeal to the 6 points and 50 shots deduction after the first match of the season.

Additionally, he was surprised there was no formal appeal procedure in the LLB Constitution and he felt this matter should be pursued further.

He then asked the Captain and the Match Secretary, as our LLB representatives for their views. The Captain said his view was that we should have received a formal response from the LLB and that we should pursue the matter further.

The Match Secretary said that as our appeal was in writing we should have had a written response. He also added that at the LLB Meeting, they were advised that the result sheet for that week was under review, but we have received no further information.

The Vice Chairman pointed out that normally when the league tables are issued, any points deduction to a Club are normally shown, but on this occasion there has been no reference to it other than the first week.

The Committee unanimously agreed that our two LLB representatives would raise this matter at the next LLB Meeting.

The Chairman then said that the Committee needed to agree the next step to improving the toilets and office facilities. It was agreed to discuss this further at the December meeting.

The Chairman confirmed that he has passed a letter of thanks to Lou and Jed for making the LoungeD facilities available to the Club when the Club bar was closed when we had matches taking place. He also added that he had received thanks from Jed for the letter.

Following the Committee’s previous decision to make a presentation to those Club members who do a lot of work behind the scenes at the forthcoming Christmas Dinner Dance, he has now made arrangements with The Belfry to present a 25 euro voucher for the midweek carvery, including a drink to Ted Hyman, Mick Soars, Iain and Wendy Sheridan and a 12.50 euro voucher to Howie Williams to be used at the Pub. The Committee endorsed this arrangement.

The Chairman advised the Committee that Chris Merry as Captain of the Matadors has requested a key for the office to be used on match days. The Committee agreed that he should have a key on the basis that it was not used by anyone else, returned at the end of the season and that the Secretary would arrange for Chris to be added to the Register of Key Holders. The Chairman confirmed that agreement with the Owner has been reached, via the Owners Representative to open the bar for drinks and snacks on Saturdays when we have Club Competitions and matches taking place.

As the Chairman had not been able to get a definitive answer regarding Christmas/New Year closure dates, following consultation with the Captain and Match Secretary he has advised the Owners Representative that we would make alternative arrangements for December and January. This was endorsed by the Committee.

5. Club Secretary’s Report/Correspondence

The Secretary confirmed that the following notices had been put on the noticeboard

Minutes of the LLB Meeting
LLB November calendar
San Miguel Christmas competition

Also received

Details of the LLB EGM – this to be dealt with by the Captain

The following were forwarded to the Membership Secretary

LLB Contact update
LLB Bank Account details
LLB Membership Change

6. Club Captain´s Report

The Captain informed the Committee that he has entered 1 team in the Fed 4´s and they will be called Monte Mar Lords. The selectors will be Captain Jan Gatward, Vice Captain Graham Smyth and selector Sheila Roberts. The names have been submitted to the league co-ordinator.

He went on to add that there are 19 entries and the league will comprise 3 divisions with the first matches being played on Tuesday 9th January and Thursday 11th January. The league will finish in mid March. The Captain gave a full report on the discussion that had taken place at the LLB Meeting with regard to dress code and in particular bowls shoes which were manufactured by Aero with a textured sole. A vote took place on this issue and the outcome was the LLB dress code remain the same. The vote being 14 in favour, 1 against and 3 abstentions.

He explained that the Capitation and Club Licence forms have now been issued and any queries have to be addressed to Lynn Greenland

The Captain then confirmed that Monte Mar´s letter of appeal regarding the points deduction for the Toreadors was read out at the Meeting. The LLB Committee felt the penalty should stand and the League Co-ordinator accepted there were a couple of errors in the league table that he had issued and they would be corrected, which to date has not been undertaken. He concurred with the Committee´s earlier decision to pursue this matter.

He then advised the Committee that he has asked Ted Hyman to repair one of our benches, which Ted has agreed to do.

The list to purchase shirts for our league teams is going well and he will be placing the order within the next week or two.

7. Treasurer´s Report

The Treasurer reported that all membership fees have been forwarded to the Owner.

All of the arrangements for the La Zenia trip regarding the cost of the coach etc
have been completed.

The Treasurer advised the Committee that she was surprised when she opened the tin in the shed which contains money for the hire of books, bowls and shoes which goes to the Defibrillator fund that contained the sum of 121 euros. The Committee agreed to cut off the Defibrillator fund when it reached 800 euros as this would cover any training costs for 2019.

The Treasurer confirmed that the Club Quiz had raised to date 61.50 euros.

The Committee then endorsed the accounts and thanked the Treasurer.

8. Membership Secretary´s Report

The Membership Secretary advised the Committee that since the last meeting we have 3 new social members and the current membership is 61 bowling members, 54 social members, giving a total of 115 members.

He then confirmed to the Committee that the LLB Green form had to be submitted before the end of the year, but he felt it was inappropriate to hand our LLB fees over in cash and suggested we do a bank transfer directly into the LLB Account. This was agreed and would be undertaken by the Treasurer and the Chairman.

The Membership Secretary went on to advise the Committee that there are 2 or 3 social members who are keen to become bowlers and he has arranged with Bill Young to undertake their first coaching session on Sunday 12th November.

9. Match Secretary´s Report

The Match Secretary reported that five touring teams will be visiting us in March, April and October 2018. Three of these visits were organised by Personal Touch and two by Bowling Abroad.

In respect to Club games, the recent Aussie pairs had been a great success and the format worked well.

Notices are on the board with regard to the 4-3-2-1 and the draw has already been made for this competition. The notice is also on the board for the Ladies v Men match on 10th December.

For the forthcoming internal matches early in the New Year notices will be posted shortly.

Initial discussions have already taken place with regard to changing the format for the Gran Alacant Mixed Rinks in September. This still needs to be finalised.

The Match Secretary advised the Committee that it was hoped a representative from Salvum Clinic would be visiting the Club in the near future for information purposes.

The Remembrance Book and Bench Plaques were still to be completed.

The Club Calendar for the next twelve months, having been discussed with the Membership Secretary has now been completed. He also advised the Committee that he has provided two copies of the monthly calendar to Tony Pardo. He reported that the Quiz Night had been going very well and he also expressed his thanks to Jed at LoungeD for all of his help. It was also intended to hold a Christmas Quiz Night on Monday 18th December.

10. Competition Secretary´s Report

The Competition Secretary reported that there had been a mistake with regard to the scoring in the President´s Cup, which has now been rectified.

The Committee then discussed the format for the President´s Cup and whether this needed changing or whether to discontinue with the President´s Cup. It was decided to discuss this matter in the New Year and to seek the views of some of the roll up bowlers on the issue.

She reported that there had been a problem with regard to the Mixed Rinks in the Club Competitions and she hoped to resolve this matter in the next few days.

The Competition Secretary then went on to advise the Committee that the Bowling Sub Committee had given consideration to a letter of complaint from a member of the Matadors regarding team selection who felt they had been treated unfairly. The Bowling Sub Committee upheld the bowlers complaint and referred it to the Management Committee.

After a lengthy discussion the Management Committee supported the findings of the Bowling Sub Committee. The Committee also had some concerns at how the selection process had been operated in the Matadors.

The Committee agreed that the Chairman should write to the Captain of the Matadors to express their concerns, but also to confirm that now the Captain of the Matadors had returned from the UK, they were confident the matter would be addressed and resolved.

11. Social Sub Committee Report

The Committee were advised that the La Zenia trip was fully booked and paid for.

With regard to the Christmas Dinner Dance at the Alonai Restaurant it was felt that the menu need to be changed and it was agreed that the Treasurer, Secretary and Vice Captain would deal with this matter. The Committee were also advised that the Vice Captain has made a Christmas Cake for a raffle, with the tickets being 1 euro a ticket. Tickets would be sold at this month´s Chicken Run and Christmas Dinner Dance with the draw to be made during the evening.

It was also agreed by the Committee to purchase a new noticeboard which would be used solely for social events. The Treasurer will deal with this matter.

12. Press Officer´s Report

In the absence of the Press Officer some discussion took place regarding the fact that we never get press coverage in The Leader. This to be discussed with the Press Officer before the next meeting.

The Chairman reported that he had forwarded a report on the Aussie pairs to the Press Officer and he would advise her that Jed had taken photos of the event.

13. Any Other Business

The Membership Secretary advised that the Capitation Fees were now due, but there was some discrepancy on the numbers of members we had and with the
numbers that the LLB felt he had. Steps will be taken to resolve this matter.

The Club Captain confirmed he had booked a table at the Leaf Restaurant for lunch following the Winter League match at La Siesta.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 12.20pm

The next meeting will be held on Friday 15th December