Name Post
C Harding Chairman
M Farrelly Vice Chairman
J Harding Club Secretary
R Cairns Captain
J Gatward Vice Captain/Competition Secretary
S Bounds Treasurer
L Bounds Membership Secretary
D Melville Match Secretary
T Pardo Owners Representative/Interpreter
S Roberts Press Officer

Before the meeting commenced there was a minutes silence in memory of Dave Smy who died recently.

1. Apologies
There were no apologies

2. Minutes of the last Committee Meeting
The minutes were agreed and signed as a true record

3. Outstanding Actions
The Chairman confirmed that he has sent a letter to Paul and Steve thanking them for their continued sponsorship of the Club.

It was agreed that the Match Secretary would contact Bowling Abroad and Avalon with regard to their continued sponsorship.

It was confirmed the Membership Secretary would deal with the cat deterrents in his report.

4. Chairman’s Report
The Chairman confirmed that David Smy had received the letter on behalf of the Club a few days before he passed away.

The Chairman suggested we establish three working parties to make recommendations for improvements to the ladies and mens toilets and the office. For the ladies toilets he proposed that it should be the Vice Captain, Secretary and Press Officer, for the mens toilets the Vice Chairman, Match Secretary and Membership Secretary. For the office Captain, Treasurer and Chairman. This was agreed by the Committee.

It was confirmed that Iain Sheridan had offered to undertake any plumbing work in the future. The Committee welcomed Iain’s offer of assistance.

The Committee wish to place on record their thanks to Ted Hyman for the work he had undertaken with regard to the noticeboards.

The Chairman placed on record a big thank you to everyone who helped to make the Gran Alacant Mixed Rinks a success, in particular to the Match Secretary for organising it. He also indicated that the coverage the Club received in the GA Advertiser was excellent.

5. Secretary’s Report/Correspondence
The Secretary advised that the following notices had been put on the noticeboard.

Quesada Christmas Aussie Pairs
LLB contact list update
LLB calendar update

She also confirmed that new badges have been received and that the new mats that have been ordered would be collected from The Bowls Shop when the Winter League Match was held at Javea.

The Bowling Forum Notes had been completed and forwarded to the Captain and distributed to all Committee Members. Copies of correspondence from Barrie and Pauline Woodfine, Tony and Ethel Finan and Stan Routledge were circulated to the Committee.
The Secretary and Match Secretary then gave the Committee the latest update on Barrie and Pauline’s health.

6. Captain’s Report
The Captain gave a summary of the issues raised and discussed at the recent Bowling Forum and confirmed that in his view it was a very positive meeting and a number of points raised by members had been acted upon.

He confirmed that all current team sheets regarding the forthcoming league games, using the new clipboard system were now on the noticeboard, plus information concerning Club social events.

The Captain then explained that a notice would shortly be on the noticeboard regarding the purchase of Club shirts and polo shirts for both ladies and men. This will be with a new company we are using called Kameeleon, who are also keen to sponsor the Club.

All of the old plaques have been removed from the benches and are now with the Company that is doing the lettering and when they have been completed, along with Ted Hyman, he will be fixing them back on the benches.

7. Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer reported that as normal August had been a very quiet month with regard to income and expenditure.

September had been extremely busy and a positive month as far as income was concerned. Revenue generated by the cake stall, raffle and pre competition tournament all helped to make the GAMR competition a success for the Club.

The Committee endorsed the accounts for August and September.

8. Membership Secretary’s Report
The Membership Secretary reported that as of now we have 41 twelve month bowling members, 16 eight month bowling members, 1 paying honorary member and 1 non paying honorary member. We also have 45 social members.

He went on to add that as it stands we are 23 bowling members down on last year, primarily because of people returning to the UK for various reasons. He was hopeful that we will still have 2 or 3 members that will rejoin The Captain then advised the Committee that he had met 2 members from another Club, who have indicated that they will be joining Monte Mar in the New Year as they are moving to Alicante.

The Membership Secretary also advised the Committee that the LLB membership is due to be completed in December and the information is being pulled together and the fees will be given to the Captain or the Membership Secretary to present to the LLB.

He also reported that all the lockers had been repaired. He placed on record his thanks to Iain Sheridan for doing this work and there was still some locker fees to be collected.

The Committee then discussed the effectiveness of the cat deterrents and have asked the Membership and Match Secretary’s to have a further look at the location of where they are set and if it is possible to use the electronic timer on each machine.

9. Match Secretary’s Report
The Match Secretary reported that the two matches on 6th and 7th October had been successful. However, on 6th October members of Basingstoke B.C had expressed their disappointment that we had not had a meal together. With regard to the Campsie B.C which had been successful, but they had expressed their disappointment that they didn’t have more time for a drink with us after the match.
The Match Secretary had emailed Ron Scott at Bowling Abroad regarding both of these issues.

The Committee also registered their thanks to Lou and Ged for opening LoungeD for our use on the day. The Chairman was asked to write to them both, expressing our thanks.

The 2 touring teams for April have now been confirmed.

He then confirmed that all of the Club games between now and mid May have been put in the club calendar.

He then confirmed that the GAMR had been successful and thanked everyone who had contributed for a successful four days. However, he stated that there had been some negative feedback regarding the amount paid out in prize money and the length of the competition. He went on to ask do we need to consider the length of the competition and it’s format etc The Chairman recommended that the Match Secretary, Captain and Vice Captain meet to give consideration to this issue and report back to the next Committee Meeting. This was agreed.

He advised the Committee that the Salvum Clinic visit had been successful, but he was still trying to get the Clinic to visit the Club.
The remembrance book and seat plaques still need to be finalised.

He then confirmed that the Club Handbook had been published and he thanked everyone who had assisted in making it a success and we have received additional advertising this year.

He confirmed that the club quiz night was commencing for a trial period at LoungeD.

He raised the issue of a name board for Bonalba on the scoreboards. The Captain agreed that he would sort this out.

10. Competition Secretary’s Report
The Competition Secretary thanked all of those who had helped with the internal competition draw. She is now in the process of collating all of the information regarding the draw which will be on the board shortly, along with the play-by dates for the first round.

In conjunction with the Match Secretary, she had amended two of the Club Competition Rules.

11. Social Sub Committee Report
It was confirmed that the Valencian trip had been successful and enjoyed by all.
The Committee were advised that arrangements for the October and Christmas dinner dances were all in hand and the trip to La Zenia shopping centre, followed by lunch had all been confirmed.

The Sub Committee would be looking at events for next year at their next meeting.

12. Press Officer’s Report
The Press Officer said she was happy with the coverage we received in the GA Advertiser and our reports were also appearing in the Costa Blanca News.

It was also agreed to remind to team captains send a report for each match to the Press Officer.
13. Saturday Closure
The Chairman provided a list of Club events which were to be held on a Saturday and a copy of a letter he would like to give to the Owner regarding this matter.

He said the list of dates had been agreed with the Match Secretary and with the proposed closure it could mean cancelling the February MMMR and the September GAMR if the complex facilities were to be closed.
It was felt that for the other internal club competitions we could make alternative arrangements.

The Committee agreed to forward the letter to the Owner and await his response.

14. Any Other Business
The Captain expressed his concern that the Fed 4’s sheet had been up for three weeks and we had no names for the selection team. After some discussion, the Vice Captain agreed to stand as Captain and the Press Officer as Selector. The Captain thanked them both and said he would try and get a Vice Captain.

It was also agreed that with regard to travelling to Mazarron and La Manga, for league matches everyone should meet at the Club.
The Membership Secretary said that John and Babs Caiger had donated a printer to the Club, but in his view it was unlikely to be workable.

The Chairman asked the Owner’s Representative to get confirmation of the Christmas/New Year closure of the Rincon and Tavern as we will have to find an alternative venue for the Winter League lunch.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 12 noon.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th November.